At Unobtrusive Consulting we've over 10 years worth of experience building and launching digital products across a variety of sectors including telecoms, finance, government and charity.

We understand the value of Agile delivery and are accustomed to working with teams who need some help and support adopting this way of working – whether that's hands on with teams on the ground, or helping to educate, and nurture senior management into the agile ways!

How we can help

Whether you need some help in getting a project off the ground, or need some support in bringing a project back on track we'd be happy to help. We've a track record of delivering high quality digital services that offer an exceptional experience to users, whilst also meeting the goals of the business.

Who is Unobtrusive Consulting

Matt Lucht

Over the past 10 years Matt has been a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Product Lead, Business Analyst, Technology Consultant, often a mixture of these things or a combination of roles in between. He has worked on large enterprise transformational programmes as well as led small skunkworks-style teams.

Matt is a drinker of flat whites, listener to alt-punk music, and has been growing a beard since before it was cool.


A network of contacts

At Unobtrusive Consulting we've had the pleasure of working with lots of great people over the years. Whether you're looking for a designer, user experience researcher, front end dev or backend dev, I'm sure that we can help point you in the direction of someone we know and trust.